Default Hard drive?

By edmundtran
Feb 15, 2005
  1. Hi, just wondering, when installing programs, the default drive is set to C, right? What if you dont want it to be C by default, is there any way of changing it? (This is just a matter of convineince as its quite annoying when you accidentaly install on the wrong drive!)

  2. Nodsu

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    Some installation programs default to C:, some default to where you installed Windows.

    It is up to the installation program to offer you the opportunity to choose the location. Sometimes you have to select the advanced install for that.
  3. Samstoned

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    if you want to get tech you can copy all files over to the other drive ,but you will have registery pointing to wrong drive gotta go and change all those reg entries
    plus your icon will have to be pointed to the EXE file
    some small programs are easy they may only have 1 or 2 reg files and the icon others got dozens
    I have successfully done this with web browser and a few others
    easyer to uninstall and reinstall where you want
    microsoft software is another animal (of course )
    even if you install there stuff to another drive it makes folders in c and mostly tries to default when running to c(if it will run at all).
    I have all my browser(cept IE)in drive G but it still put files under C:/programs/
    I am long winded
    good Luck
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