Default Process Priority?

By Steve2100
Feb 3, 2006
  1. Another problem I've got is that when I'm opening a program, it runs fine. When I switch out of it (Alt+Tab or just going to another window), my computer becomes extremely laggy. I checked my task manager (another problem explained in a dif topic), and when I looked at the priority of the process, it was set on Low. I never changed it, so I decided to.. Change it to Normal.

    After going back to the program, it became ok again. Until later when I switched out of the program again, the computer became laggy. I looked at the priority - Low.. How is it automatically changing? Can I change that? Can I set the program's priority to be at default Normal (I've tried the cmd.exe c/start /normal "program.exe" but it didn't work)?
  2. ender

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    Well... it depends on the program in question. For starters, since it doesn't look like you've already done this, you should simply check the program's settings (especially any advanced options it might provide). ;) In my experience I've noticed that many video and audio players provide a setting for changing their priority.
  3. Nodsu

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    Hum.. How can a program running at a lower priority make your whole computer slower? Perhaps you mean that the backgrounded task started running slower? Yes, lowering one's priority is the choice of the program itself.
  4. Steve2100

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    I'm not quite sure what's happening. When I open the program, it automatically is set to Low priority, and when I'm not in the program's window, my computer is lagging. I'm not sure, but my mouse and scroll movement (and basically entire performance) slows down. What I mean by the mouse movement is that it stops every half a second whe I'm moving it.

    Then when I switch to the pgram again, it becomes laggy for about 5 seconds, and it returns to normal. It's weird, the priority is always set on Low.. I'm just wondering how I can keep it from getting it to Low all the time (the Target Line thing doesn't work).

    There's no setting for priority either.
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