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By connieam
Feb 26, 2006
  1. My printer is a HP PSC 1315 All-In-One. It takes forever to cancel/delete a print request. Some times the request does not get deleted for several days. Until the document is cancelled/deleted, I can't print anything. I've followed various "troubleshooting" instructions but have not gotten any positive results. Has anyone experienced this problem? Would really appreciate some help! Thanks!
  2. Tedster

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    1. please post in the correct foum.

    2. is your printer on a server or stand-alone?
  3. oilpaint2

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    scanner problems

    I have had a similar problem with a canon imageclass mp360 (multifunction) and I have found the only way to reticify this problem( cancelling print jobs) is to turn off the printer. Reboot the computer, go straight to the print queque and try deleting the print job. If it deletes, turn your printer back on.
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