Delete Win/Me & Dual Boot XP Pro/ Win 2k.

By thewolfe
Jun 14, 2002
  1. Dump Me and install XP Pro along w/ Win 2k.

    Dump Me and install XP Pro along w/ Win 2k.
    Dump Me and install XP Pro along w/ Win 2k.

    I am know running the original OS Me and a Win 2k installation. I am dual booting from my Dell Pent lll 933 MHz w/ 256 megs of Ram.

    I would like to keep Win 2k and add Win XP Pro. Is it possible to somehow overwrite Win Me so I can end up with Win 2k and Win XP w/o a complete re-install?

    I am using Partition Magic 6.0 that, from my understanding, will not work with XP. I am not using the “Boot Magic” utility, just the Win2k boot utility.

    I have Me on (C , Data on (D , NTFS partition on (E & Win2k on (F .
  2. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    You sure spend alot of money on operating systems. Bought three of the latest Windows releases...

    I imagine you want to keep the data on your ME partition to keep with your computer. If so, the best thing you could do is move all of it to your Data partition, format C:, and install Windows XP.
    Or another way is to boot from 2k, and clean all Windows ME related files out of your C: drive, while running the OS from F:. This may be a little difficult, but I'm doubtful it won't work. You'll have to really know what to delete, but since you're getting rid of it, it doesn't really matter. Just be sure to fully delete your Windows directory, and all of the system files directly in C:, i.e. - AUTOEXEC.BAT, BOOTLOG.TXT, everything in there you're sure belongs to Windows.
    Or there may be a 3rd party utility capable of completely cleaning a hard drive of Windows, and not anything else.
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