Deleting Duplicate Information in Excel / Access

By pianoko
Jul 13, 2007
  1. I have a list of nearly 400 mailing lists along with their owner. I have created a mail merge document to send an email to the list owners about upgrading to a new system. The file was generated by list name, not by owner name. So I have owners with 15 lines because they have 15 different lists. When I do the mail merge, that owner will receive 15 emails, instead of 1 with the 15 lists listed. What I want is to consolidate the file and organize it by owner name so that there is the same number of rows as there are owners, and all the owners lists appear in the same cell under the "lists" column.

    I will demonstrate....

    What I have now.....

    User1     user1email     list1
    User1     user1email     list2
    User1     user1email     list3

    What I want is...

    User1     user1email     list1
    I thought access may have a tool that could do this easily, but I have zero knowledge in access. Do you have any suggestions?
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