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Jul 7, 2006
  1. The computer I'm currently on was originally a Windows 98, but I had it upgraded to Windows XP only a few months ago. Ever since the update, my computer's kept a backup of all the Windows 98 files. Is it safe to delete these, considering I'm not planning to go back to 98? I don't know if I should, because I don't know if they would effect a restore/reformat. They're in the Disk Cleanup list, unchecked.
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    Hi, well it's a long time since i done a win98 upgrade, but i think i'm stil up to speed so i will put my credability on the line here.

    Not sure but if the option to remove win 98 is in the add remove programs in controll panel but if it is then that would be the way to remove it. the backup files would appear in disk cleanup because they have not been used since your upgrade, so windows has detected them as unused.

    if you reformatted then you would loose them anyway and if you had do do a repair install it would not need the win98 backup files.

    so i would say check in add remove programs and remove from there and if it is not there there then navigate to where the backup files are stored (most likely in the windows directory) and delete the backup so it is still in the recycle bin. and if you can shutdown and restart your system and everything works fine then you can empty your bin.

    but if i remember rightly you can remove the files from add remove programs and it gives you warning that you will not be able to revert to win98 if you remove them.
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