dell 4600C computer NOT WORKING

By billybobjoe
Aug 1, 2005
  1. dell 4600C computer NOT WORKING HELP

    i have a dell 4600c computer thats not working
    i thought i could put the memory in that computer into my dell 4700 but after i tried it it wouldnt fit so then i figure out that my 4600c has ddr ram and my 4700 has ddr2 ram and so i put the ram back in my 4600c and its not working anymore

    it powers on and starts beeping and on the power button and amber light shows up instead of the usual green light

    i was wondering if i can fix this or is my computer shot or can i buy new memory or a new motherboard

    if you could help me i would appreciate it
  2. billybobjoe

    billybobjoe Banned Topic Starter

    is somebody going to help me with this
  3. tdeg

    tdeg TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Did you damage your RAM? DDR is easily damaged, especially when trying to put into a slot it doesn't belong.

    Record the beep codes (ie short short short long) and try to look on the Dell support site for beep codes.
  4. billybobjoe

    billybobjoe Banned Topic Starter

    k thanks but my dad had looked at it and fixed it i had the ram int the wrong way

    thanks for helping me
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