Dell becomes latest tech titan to trim headcount

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What just happened? Add Dell to the growing list of tech companies that have announced layoffs in recent months. Co-Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke highlighted some of the steps Dell has already taken to help deal with the current global economic environment including limiting travel, reducing spending on outside services and pausing external hiring, but warned that more changes are needed to continue to successfully navigate an uncertain market. Ultimately, it means that some employees will be leaving the company.

Clarke did not say how many team members would be impacted by the changes but according to Bloomberg, Dell is eliminating around 6,600 jobs or around five percent of its global workforce. The executive said the changes will help Dell reduce complexity, increase speed and accelerate innovation, and added that the company would support those impacted as they look for work elsewhere.

Woo Jin Ho, a senior analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, believes the job cuts could help Dell reduce annual expenses by up to $1 billion.

Share value in Dell is down 3.8 percent on the news as of writing.

Big tech has been on a steady diet of layoffs as of late and it seems that few are immune to the growing trend. In virtually every instance, it all goes back to excessive hiring practices during the pandemic spurred by the sudden shift in how and where people worked. Now that demand for PCs and other electronics has cooled, companies no longer need the extra help.

Last month, market research firm IDC said global shipments of PCs were down 28.1 percent in the fourth quarater compared to the previous year. TrendForce, meanwhile, saw DRAM and NAND flash prices drop 23 percent and 28 percent, respectively, during the same period. The firm anticipates continued cuts over the coming months. Hard drive shipments were nearly cut in half in 2022, although encroachment by SSDs also played a major role. Even peripheral makers like Logitech are feeling the squeeze.

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Have any of the tech CEO's taken paycuts? Yeah, I know some have lost money, but most of that
is coupled to their stock payouts.


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Close the company, your agility will skyrocket to the sun, from thence you can f-off.


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Do you hire workmen to come to your house to drink beer and watch football? Or do you only pay them when you actually need them? Just curious,
I don't let the workmen I hire play their boombox either. If I can I actually help I like to. When I am getting trees taken down I love helping. I try to get to know the crew as best I can. Sometimes, if they are a good crew I tip them. I have hired some dud guys and crews but I have hired some that take great pride in what they do. To answer your question. I have never seen an ad in a paper "Guys to drink beer and watch TV on your dime" Which means I have never hired anyone to do that. Is that what they do at Dell? Anyhow my comment was on corporate speak it had nothing to do with their decision. I would have put out.."We are laying off people we don't need so we won't lose as much money" Agile...LOL