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Dell BIOS password removal. Read this first BEFORE posting.

By Julio Franco
Dec 1, 2007
  1. Please refer to the message below for information on how to remove your Dell laptop BIOS password. The information also applies to other manufacturers and summarizes a wealth of data collected from previous threads and thousand of posts related to this problem.

    We no longer support any further discussion on this topic as we believe all the free help that could be given is already out there (the post below sums it up pretty well). You can always go back to your system manufacturer for support, as well as google for the dozens of third party paid support providers that are available online.

    Summary of laptop password help thread:
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  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,545   +429

    Mobile Password Help

    The following support information and downloads, are provided to help members freely remove their laptop password
    If all options have been tried and you still require help removing your password, search Google for 3rd party alternatives
    TechSpot forums and all support is provided freely at all times, it is against our guidelines to link to external paid services
    You are advised to try any or all options, with your first point of contact being the laptop manufacture, being the best option

    TechSpot forums are FREE and manufacture support only

    Click >Dell Support and System Information for a particular Service Tag

    > Click > HP Live Chat, Drivers, Warranty and Support Information thread

    > Click > Toshiba BIOS Setup / BIOS settings -- access instructions

    Password types :
    • Power On Password (pop). this password can be reset by unplugging the cmos battery for a while, and plugging it back in.
    • Supervisor/bios Password (svp). this requires reading the eeprom chip (8 leg or 14 leg) with an electronic device by using another pc's serial port or by paperclip method if model type available.
    • Hard Drive Password (hdp). this is usually tied to svp, but not all the time. it requires special software and a library of known manufacturer's password. but can be cracked either recovering the data or wiping the data.

    Transfer of Product Ownership

    Old closed threads, with lots of info:

    • HP OldPass .zip includes:

      • [*] unlock6.exe (made in 1997)
        [*] BIOS_PW.EXE (made in 2003)
        [*] HDD_PW.EXE (made in 2003)
    • HP Oldpass2 .zip:
      • As above, made as a copy, using another Zip program
    • Dell Latitude .zip:
      • D35B password generator (old generator)
    • Dell MasterPW .zip:
      • D35B password generator (old generator)

    Attached Files:

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