Dell bios password

By orionsam
Dec 9, 2007
  1. i bought laptop from online, it's a dell latitude D610, bios is locked with pass word, i am not able to to change any thing, i need to make cd first boot to reimage hard drive. can some one help me to unlock the bios pass word.
    it's Latitude D610 service tag is 53QGZ81-595B.
  2. oct714

    oct714 TS Rookie

    I also had the same problem with a latitude c640 (xxxxxxx-595B) time ago, and after asking here and there, and found out these are the only options:

    1. ask the seller for the password

    2. Call DELL and prove you're the owner so that they give you a master password

    3. Replace a microchip( something like "24xx16") with an empty one

    4. Short a couple legs of this microchip while the laptop it is booting up

    I am not allowed to post links here yet, so I cannot help you more

    By the way, I will never ever buy another used laptop on ebay since most of the times it will be a stolen one.
  3. latitude c840 bios password

    I need help with resetting the bios password for the dell latitude c840
    that i got with me.

    Can you help?

    It shows #FH4VJ0J-595B on the start up.

    Service Tag Number - FH4VJ0J

    Express service code: 336-878-494-75
    email me - plss
  4. AudioVayne

    AudioVayne TS Rookie Posts: 99

    Just unlocked a D600 2 days ago for friend of mine...Her son got a hold of the thing!! Easiest to ring Dell...
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