Dell D520 Bios Password Removal

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Jul 28, 2007
  1. Hi!

    Please help me to clear the Bios password of the Dell latitude D520
    Service tag: #CPG3N1S-595B
    Express Service Code: 27660086128
    REV A01 (I am not sure if this is Bios version but I found it underneath of the laptop in case if you need it)

    I looked at the Paragon site but there is no D520 model so I dont know what to do to get the password or some way to crack it. Please help me

    Thanks a lot and hope I got a reply from you soon
    you can email at: email removed
  2. supa_r34

    supa_r34 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks so much but may be this is my last solution cuz this is not my laptop, so I dont want to pay for it.
    I am still waiting for Rutam reply

    Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated

  3. supa_r34

    supa_r34 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Does any one has any image of the D520 chip location so I can try the shorting method, if so please indicate which bin need to apply

  4. bq8tndrive

    bq8tndrive TS Rookie

    go to its free and it might will give you a step by step instruction or probably a picture of how and where you suppose to reset the bios..just goto troubleshooting and FAQS and the enter your service tag,then type in the problem,aiyt!
  5. supa_r34

    supa_r34 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I cant find it, does any one can find where it
  6. challou

    challou TS Rookie

    hallo Please help me to clear the Bios password of the Dell latitude D520
    Service tag. FMC4R2J-595B
    Express Service Code,340-023-680-11
    Thanks a lot and hope I got a reply from you soon
    you can email at email removed
  7. Westlandfin

    Westlandfin TS Rookie

    I have the same laptop and same problem. I can do the shorting but cannot find the chip. Have you found which chip is the eeprom chip to be shorted. And I assume that you short ALL pins, so if it has 6 legs ALL need to be shorted? Please share with me what you have found out.

  8. sesticlj

    sesticlj TS Rookie

    d520 unlocked!!! :)

    I have latitude d520 with xxxxxxx-595B service tag, my bios was locked but I successfuly unlock them. Procedure is: remove coin-cell Battery for couple minutes, put them back. And all bios settings now are on default. that mean in boot order, usb, cd/dvd is now switched on. Now you must download this file and make bootable usb drive. Pass for archive is "smellyalater". Remove the hard drive and put usb in laptop, turn it on and fallow procedure.

    Bosnian rulez!
  9. srikanth

    srikanth TS Rookie

    Dell D 520


  10. mscrx

    mscrx TS Rookie Posts: 310

    guys read through the forum and use the search function!
    there is a sticky thread for your problem were you can wait for a solution if you don't want to pay somebody for helping you.

    No waiting required
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