Dell D800 24C256N pin out confusion

By Camster
Jan 2, 2008
  1. I am a little confused , almost all the procedures for reseting this serial chip state to use pin 3 and 6 . In the data sheet for this IC from Atmel , pin 3 is listed as NC - no connection . Could the old chip (24C04) have a different pin out ?? what gives ?
  2. Tmagic650

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    This post should be moved to the Mobile Computing forum... and yes the 24CO4 has a different pinout than the 24C256N chip.

    The AT24C256 PIN 1 A0
    PIN 2 A1
    PIN 3 NC
    PIN 6 SCL (Serial Clock Input)

    The AT24C04 PIN 1 A0
    PIN 2 A1
    PIN 3 A2
    PIN 6 SCL (Serial Clock Input)

    You might try shorting PIN 2 to PIN 6 on the AT24C256
  3. Camster

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    Well I actually cut the #8 pin (vcc)on the 24c256n , left it sit overnight and the D#$$%% thing still wants apassword on power up . I located the chip as per the D800 pics in the dellpass pdf.. I`ve spent way too many hours on this , gonna take it out back and run it over with a truck soon.
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