Dell Dimension 3300 won't turn on

By cgarza
Feb 23, 2007
  1. I went to turn on my kid's computer last night & it won't. So I took the case off & noticed the green light was on the mother board. I wasn't sure If It was a bad power supply but I went to the store & bought a 400 watt power supply & the same thing happen. the computer wont turn on & the green light is on again. could my hard drive be bad? Should I try it in another computer to see If it will work's? one last thing, the power supply that come's with the dell is a 250 watt.

    I checked the on/off button
    I made sure all connecters are on
    I unplugged cables & plugged them back in
  2. Tmagic650

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    You may only be able to use Dell power supplies with this model
  3. raybay

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    Check all the cables by pulling and reseating them.
    Bad motherboard, bad cable, incorrect power supply, bad cpu fan, bad memory, with a bad hard drive much futher down the list.
    If you have a floppy drive on that machine, disconnect everything except the power supply, one memory module, video graphics card, and a floppy boot disc with MS-DOS or Windows 98 Startup/Boot on it.
    See if you can get anything to work with only the most fundamental setup of hardware, and the original power supply. Then if no, switch memory modules.
    If no floppy drive, boot to a flash drive or a boot CD... you are looking for anything that will give you signs of life.
    There is a little device you can buy at CompUSA, Computer Geeks, CyberGuys, Outpost, Frys, and others that will enable you to test your power supply... cost is $10... works well... by showing you lights for each circuit that is working.
  4. cgarza

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    I wil try for 10 buck deal. maybe I can getting something working. I have pulled everthing & reset things but still no dice.

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