Dell Dimesion 4600c Thermal Event

By Stinkiray
Feb 10, 2008
  1. My desktop is a Dell Dimension 4600c and lately I couldn't start it. The orange light on the power button is blinking and nothing happens when I press it. And at times when it would power on, I get a 'previous shutdown due to thermal event' message until recently it wouldn't start anymore.

    Most of the times it wouldn't start is probably because of the air conditioner. The air blows directly to the computer and it gets real cold. So last time when it won't start I had to use a hairdryer to heat it up or put it out in the sun. But that doesn't seem to work anymore.

    So my question is, is something wrong with the fan or the power supply?


    1) I don't know if this is the place to post this
    2) I really don't take care of my computer so let's forget about that.
    3) Your suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated.
    4) my location is Malaysia and the average room temperature is 30 degrees celcius
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