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Apr 7, 2007
  1. hello all,
    i purchased a dell e310 a few months back, and i would like to upgrade the video card since it comes with a lousy integrated one. i have been thinking between a GeForce 6200 and a Radeon X1300. which one is better?
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    is a pci-e x1 slot the same as a pci slot?
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    You need to assure that your PCI-e slot is enabled in the control panel hardware device manager... and that your PCI-e card is setup according to the instruction sheet that comes with it.
    But PCI-e is the way to go, definitely... do some reading as there are many requirements and a large variety of PCI-e cards... you should be able to find what you need with a Google search.
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    Just a note that the dell e310 has only a single pci-e x1 (not a pci-e x16 slot), and two pci. So there are a very limited selection of cards, like pci-e x1 cards and pci cards, as standard pci-e x16 cards will not work.
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    yeah i found that out the hard way...but the dell people said that my comp didnt have any pci-e x1 slots, that it only had pci slots
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    i HAVE THE e310 ALSO, oops all caps!
    I ordered the X1300 from Axion in Texas last nite, had searched all over, and there was only two US vendors with it in stock. Checked newEgg of course, but my search didn't turn up any x1 cards. I found the post about the:

    HIS Hightech H155HMF256EDDE1LN-R Radeon X1550 512MB(256MB on board) 128-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x1 Low Profile Video Card - Retail

    At NewEgg and ordered it w/o checking Axion, then called to cancel, but they shipped it; so called NewEgg to cancel the x1550, maybe I will regret this. The x1550 chip was release Jan 2007, whereas the x1300 chip came out Oct 2005. At NewEgg someone said his E310 had a hard time fitting the card, but he fixed the faceplate and all became ok.
    I need the card for something called

    Boy, the X1 cards are hard to find, and are sold at a premium!

    Radeon X1550
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