Dell Inspiron 1100 System Password

By FullGainer
Jan 4, 2006
  1. This Dell Inspiron 1100 was bought off Ebay. When its turned on, the Dell logo appears, says Inspiron 1100 Series, BIOS Revision A32, the bar goes across, then it says:

    This computer system, #G54Y541-A95B is protected by a password authentication system.

    I get 3 tries, then it shuts off.

    I see those kits sold for 60 bucks but I was wondering if there was anyway in the world to get around this otherwise. I read the giant Dell BIOS password thread, but wasn't successful with anything mentioned there.
  2. taboudreaux

    taboudreaux TS Rookie

    Having Same Problem With Dell Inspiron 1100

    Several months ago my mom loaned a 'friend' a couple hundred bucks, he gave her his laptop to hold as collateral. :( Now nearly 6-7 months later, I am stuck with her problem. He skipped town, no clue how to reach him, even if that would help and she has a non-functioning laptop! I have been searching high and low. I am not comfortable enough with laptops to do the soldering thing and don't know where else to start. My service tag is about same as yours, at least last 4. If you figure it out, please share info? Sure wish she would have told me before completing this transaction.. I would of said "GET PASSWORD FIRST!" :knock:

  3. s4m4n

    s4m4n TS Rookie

    Hi rustam,
    I got a inspiron from a ebay and i got the cursed grey and white screen....
    service tag is #DZRW9B1-595B
    express is 30461341213
    plz help
  4. Tedster

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