Dell Inspiron 710m - How to hook up to Tv w/ Sound?

By lucky#21
Jun 22, 2006
  1. Hey,

    I've been looking around on the internet and also tried a few ideas myself, I was just wondering how to hookup my Dell Inspiron 710m up to a Tv and also have sound through my tv speakers if possible. I only have a s-videa spot on the right side of the laptop. Is there any external video card or anything that can help me do this? Let me know, it'd be great. Thanks.

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    Yea get a cable that has mini jack-rca cables. It will run you a few bucks.

    Determine what type of video output you have such as VGA, DVI, S-VIDEO, etc.

    If you have a graphic card (not onboard) then you probaly have VGA, DVI and S-VIDEO. (VGA + 1 OR MORE)

    If you don't know what a graphic card is, then you have onboard video, wich the only output is vga, wich won't work with tvs. Then stop right now!!!
    But if you have S-Video or DVI then make sure your tv has the proper inputs for DVI or S-VIDEO. If it has inputs for RCA cables then you can get an adapter. S-video- (YELLOW) RCA cable. Now if you are using one of those little boxes (lol I can't remeber the name and home entertainment is my specialty) that takes rca cables and s-video and converts them to Coaxial Cable, it won't work right. You won't be able to see what time it is in the toolbar (or anything for that matter), due to it being horribly blurry. You won't be able to navagtie through windows.

    Now if you do have a graphic card and a TV with the right inputs, refer to your TV's user guide to find out the Native Resolution. Then use the frimware say from ATI or Nivdia.

    So don't consider this if you have no clue what I am talking about.
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