DELL laptop LAN Connection problem

By dannydy ยท 4 replies
Mar 29, 2007
  1. i have a dell laptop, i currently facing a problem of it's connection. when i plug the network cable from the switch, the icon of the local area network connection showed limited or connectivity...cant able to make online. i've tried to manually configure it, still wont work, even the gateway of the router cant access in.any solution. thanks
  2. NetCablesPlus

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    There could be many issues causing your problem, but the easiest first thing to check is to make sure that it is not an Ethernet cable problem. Please swap in a known good Ethernet cable and see if that solves your problem.
  3. jobeard

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    can you bypass the switch and connect directly to the modem or router?
    (ie the device could be dead -- especially a usb powered switch/hub)
  4. dannydy

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    the switch and ethernet cable are fine, because the switch also connected to other 4 pc. other 4 pc are working fine.just my dell laptop.
    i've checked through the LAN connection items. there are:
    client for microsoft network
    file and printer sharing for microsoft network
    Qos packet schedule
    network monitoring driver
    internet protocol(TCP/IP)
    these items normally our computer LAN connection have
    but other items such as
    LoadRoad LAN, it this neccessary to tick it or leave it?
  5. jobeard

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    >LoadRoad LAN, it this neccessary to tick it or leave it?

    hum; never seen it and as yet, haven't found any references for it either!!!
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