Dell Laptop Screen Display Problem

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Oct 3, 2007
  1. My daughter’s 1 yr old Dell laptop began showing the odd screen artifacts that you see in my attachment. It is as if someone took a marker and scribbled on the screen. She says it is not always this exact form, and does not seem to interfere with normal use of the computer. She is using Windows XP. She lives in another state so I have not seen the problem first hand; I am just trying to narrow the problem down for her. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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  2. AlbertLionheart

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    Not sure if you mean the diagonal stripe as well as the mark - in any event the screen has been damaged, typically by being dropped or some other sort of inpact. Sorry. Is there a mark on the screen cover? If not, it might be worth a warranty claim on this one as the thing is only a year old.
  3. magicmanlv1

    magicmanlv1 TS Rookie

    I am a Dell Tech. And what you see is damage in the LCD Display. This is a warranty covered issue. As long as your still under warranty.

    Just a suggestion, just tell them it just appeared. And if the first tech is not helpful just hang-up and call back. There are still good techs you can talk to but sometimes you have to filter through the ..... "Not So Good" techs. If you need more help just send me an email.
  4. Tedster

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    Your LCD is broken, you can either get warranty repair, or get an LCD kit online if your system is out of warranty.
  5. TCool

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    Just curious. Does this offer apply to anyone? :)

    I've dealt with quite a few dell techs, the "not so good" ones, and just by the little bit you said in this post you seem to be atleast 10 times smarter than any tech I've dealt with. Seriously, do they just grab any random person off the street and give them a tech support job?
  6. AlbertLionheart

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    If the UK standard applies, what they do is drag anyone off a foreign street where labour rates are low and then give them a flowchart to follow. You only have to ask the slightest teccy question and 90% of the so called tech support people haven't the faintest idea what you are talking about.
  7. TCool

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    Sounds pretty similar to what they do here. I did get to talk to an American once, but he was pretty stupid too.
  8. Tedster

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    many phone center techs aren't really techs at all, but low paid drones reading off a troubleshooting chart. Even worse is when companies off-shore the work to foreign countries. Then you have to deal with language and cultural barriers.
  9. AlbertLionheart

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    Oh they all speak English perfectly, don't they.
    I once tried to order a replacement System disk from Dell, using the part number printed on the thing. I was told that this was not available and I had to get it from the local Dell corner shop. Dell closed all their retail outlets in the UK years ago so when I told the so called support guy this, he told me to 'nip down to the local black market and get one there'. At this point I discovered he was in India and when I said I was going to report him, he put the phone down.
    Great support, great service and great company!
  10. cosmos100

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    Yeah, thats how I got a job at the tech guys (but I care about my job).... (sorry heard bad things about Dell).

    One thing I can suggest is making a massive fuss, get your call escalted to a member of management, threat legal action, anything! If you stamp your feet enough they may just help you to shut you up... what type of warranty do you have?
  11. TCool

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    I have: Limited Technical Support/Technical Support - Phone Assistance/Rapid Response Depot

    I just paid close to $200 to extend it because I've had so many issues in the past that I figure I'd have to spend way more than that just to keep this thing going if I didn't have a warranty.
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