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Dell Latitude 610 Bios Password Request

By ARNIED ยท 10 replies
Jul 3, 2006
  1. Hi member name removed ,

    Hope you will be able to provide a key for the following service tag.

    Story below,

    Acquired laptop from computer auction without checking it myself 1st, only to get home and find bios password set, have left various voicemails with person holding auction and have yet to have any of my calls returned.

    Thanks in advance, hope you can help.
  2. london111

    london111 TS Rookie

    Rather than start a new thread I hope you don't mind if I join you.

    I have a new work laptop and a work issued external cdrom. I need to do some important work but they mis-configured the pc and I cannot connect the drive or my digital camara for the photos. As such I need the admin password, to change the boot order, to change the windows admin password, to enable installation of hardware under my user account. My work's only solution was to send the laptop back for them to rebuild.

    Please help me, my service no. B2C3T0J-595B, and my email address is in my profile.

  3. london111

    london111 TS Rookie

    Thanks for that mate
  4. bgt420wp

    bgt420wp TS Rookie

    Hi member name removed , ive done alot of research on this issue but still havent resolved it, from this forum i understand ur the man to talk to... (tryid PM but ur box is full)
    I really need help on this one.
    Service tag is #9H56G81-595B
    Express service code #206 276 65057
    any help would be really appriciated..
    my email is email removed or u can PM me
  5. benjielou

    benjielou TS Rookie

    Need a admin password for this system lock

    I am the Philippines I need some help this is my information

    Dell Latitude D610 : #8FCJF1S-595B
    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE: 18342312688

    PLEASE send me to my email the for the password.
  6. uzer

    uzer TS Rookie

    need master password for bios
    help plz!!!

    Dell Inspiron 1300
    service tag: 792RK2J-595B
    express service code:157-863-168-91
  7. mrman0901

    mrman0901 TS Rookie

    Sorry I have to jump on to!!!

    I am new to this forum and I have heard a lot about this forum. My girlfriends company just merged with another company three months ago and sold off just about everthing to there employees. She pick up a dell inspiron 9400 laptop and she needs the system or administrators password to do anything. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The service tag # cxk28c1-595b express service code 28150468273 I have heard that **member name removed ** is the man to talk to

    Thanks for any help
  8. koolf

    koolf TS Rookie

    Hey, I recently brought a D630 off trademe, I have tried to contact the seller about the BIOS password but have been ignored. I dont know the sellers full details so Dell wont give me the passwords to unlock it. At the mooment i have an expensive paper weight. I understand that there are a few guys who can help and give me the master password. I was going to use the pay services but live in new zealand and ebaying **** is not very easy from here
    email me on email removed
    Model Latitude D630
    Service Tag: #JNN6S1S -595B
    Express Tag: 42788533888
  9. oldskooltek

    oldskooltek TS Rookie

    Hi All, Has anyone had any luck unlocking the Bios PW for D620?
  10. ruud zaventem

    ruud zaventem TS Rookie

    (another) Password request for member name removed Dell D600 Bios

    Dear member name removed ,

    I hope that you will be able to provide me with the password for a Dell D600.
    The service tag is JGY741J-595B. The HD lock (of which I know the password) says #*****3MZ319-595B.

    Story: I took it over from my company when all computers were replaced by a new service provider (IBM). The previous IT service provider put the password and this Dell and cannot be traced anymore.

    In fact it is not such a big problem, just annoying. I deleted the old windows, ran FDISK to remove the DOS partition, and installed Linux Ubuntu from CD (as everything is gone it has no choice but starting from CD). The annoying thing is that I cannot change the date/time (is blocked).

    Thanks if you (or some one else) can help out.

  11. jareckib

    jareckib TS Rookie

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