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Dell Latitude BIOS removal

By cinthyagc
Jul 9, 2007
  1. Hi there!!! Hope some of you can help me.. im in big troubles, my laptop del latitude d600 ask for a bios password that i cannot found, i already tried with the latitude.exe program but it does not work properly, it gives me back a pass that is invalidate. the tag number that is printed in the lap is D6MRQ41 and in the dos window I typed latitude 12345 and then latitude D6MRQ41, the password didnt help me at all.... can somebody give a reason?? Urgently!!!

  2. Tedster

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  3. simonet

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    d600 bios removal

    Had the same issue
    those software programs doe d600 latitude.exe for example did not work on mine but now I have it unlocked

    just gotta jumper pin 3 and pin 6 on the "24c02", or "24u05", or the "24c164" or whatever chip resides in the location marked "upw1" (I think it stands for "unremovable password" lol) at least that's what it was on my D500... You really have to do some looking for it, mine was behind the PCMCIA slot.. only had to take the keyboard, one heatsink, and the pcmcia slot off.. then lift back the plastic, Carefully soldier wires to pin 3 and 6, then route them outside (I went through the fan opening), then put it all back together. then press the power button, short the wires for 2 seconds, then it "should" say "***Manufacturing Mode - Level [1]*** Press Fn-X to return to normal mode" then when you see this, press F2, after bios comes up, press ESC, choose "Save and exit" then reboot... if "manufacturing mode" still comes up press Fn-X and it will exit that mode. you may have to mess with it a few times, but don't leave the wires shorted for more than 2 seconds. "the first time I did it I got a overheating warning, and it was gonna be shut down.. don't worry bout that, you've come this far, try it again... it actually came up for me by doing the following
    Step 1. press power.
    Step 2. short wires 2 seconds.
    Step 3. disconnect wires, wait 2 seconds.
    Step 4. short wires again for 2 seconds,
    Step 5. disconnect and wait for "Maintenance Mode" text.
    Step 6. Hit F2
    Step 7. Hit ESC, Choose save and exit
    I have the website it came from with detailed pics if you email me

    I hafd a friend follow these steps for me :) Whopeeee

    the other techniques like creating DOS DID NOT WoRK FOR ME to get me by the gray screen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Tedster

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