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Sep 25, 2006
  1. Hi all, just a first post to say hi. Found this site while doing a google search because my uni student son managed to forget his dell latitude bios password. Done some searching and this seems the right forum to ask for help. Tried dissconecting the bios battery, and contacting dell but unless I have the original owners details to do an ownership transfer they won't help. Its an old c600 notebook that we got on ebay two years ago and has a service number GWJJ51S. Not sure if I can ask for help with this problem but if anyone has an idea I can try for this model I would be very thankfull. cheers
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  3. scubaru5

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    Hi Mictlantecuhtli, yes read the first 17 pages and ended up totally confused. What I was able to understand was the password generater programs don't work for the c600 models. Shorting the eeprom seems to be my only option but some say it works and some say it doesn't. Feel like a pinball bouncing off the walls with what may or may not work for the c600. Will take a break and read pages 17 on and try to make sense of it. cheers
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    Hi scubaru5, the master password should be R400061Q

  5. scubaru5

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    Thanks mikewych. unfortunately it didn't work. Finally got thru that mamoth post and it appears our laptops serial number ends with -595B, so if I am reading it right the paper clip shorting method is our only option. All in all I am very happy to have at least found something to try so a big thanks to this forum and its members. Will have to spend some time reading up on how to strip down a laptop which is a bit daunting, just in case there is something else we can try first could someone drop me an email.
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