Dell releases new $130 Android HDMI dongle with remote desktop access

Justin Kahn

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Dell has now released its new $130 Wyse Cloud Connect dongle which allows you to bring your desktop computer along with you in your pocket, among other things. Mainly designed for businesses, the device hooks up to the back of...

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Wyse finally got this to work. I use to have the beta version on Android to connect to Windows Systems via WiFi it was slow going but it worked.


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Does this open a potential to have 1 central pc in your house that can stream to multiple screens? I've always had the idea to have a central PC in the house that does all the processing and rendering and that is capable of connecting to every screen, laptop or mobile device. Making it possible to be gaming on the living room tv and when you want to go upstairs just slide it from the living room TV onto the bedroom tv to clear the living room tv for watching tv. Also being capable of running multiple games at the same time etc...

I see lots of ideas that leans towards this concept, but hey, I could be very wrong.