dell web-pc hell and i cant figure this site out!!!

By dazz127
Mar 13, 2005
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  1. tplease help me,I cannot figure out how to do anything on this site.

    All I wanted was to reply to a post about the dell web-pc,as I am now looking for a cable that wll hook its monitor to the computer. Mine is a dell web-pc,model 1401 fp.I finally got thru to dell and they SAY they have something that will go with it,#7GO91 but I want to speak to someone else there to confirm that it actually is the right cable,and is actually available,as they claim.Its a very small plug needed,maybe an inch,with the 15 pins,and probably no more than a foot long.Its the flat screen tht looks like its sittng on a mixmasters base that you would see in your mothers kitchen.Very neat and petite! However, seeing what someone wrote here about the advised trip to ebay,I dont know whats going on.

    Someone just gave me this computer :( the other night.I saw where someone had written that dell advised him to search on ebay for the part he needed and I was wondering if it was the same thing I need. I am pretty broke and I cannot afford to go outand buy a ew computer and my Mac is dying on me,kind of like Dorothy melting the wicked witch of the west with a pail of water,my mac is fading fast!! I probably wouldnt be able to get into this site if I were athome but I am using a friends computer today.
    Can someone either tell me if they know where I can get the cable,if they have a spare ,if dell is a pathological liar or shouldI just get an axe and say bye bye dell!!!!

    Thank you all,yours truly,computer ***** of the year,dazz127!(or u can emil me at
  2. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Posts: 2,244

    unless you can buy that part from Dell Spare Parts, then you will likely not find it at Dell, since the machine was discontinued.

    Did a salesperson at Dell tell you that was the part you need or did you speak to someone in tech support? Sales reps know nothing and will sell you anything. Often times tech support will indeed refer you to ebay or such if the part you need is no longer available from Dell.

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