dell2005fpw issue

By amazon_sephy
Aug 8, 2005
  1. Hey guys, i just got one of those sweet dell lcd's and love it! However there seems to be an issue with the left hand side of the screen. Its as if it has a low refresh rate like on crt's. I can see "bars" scrolling up. Its only noticable on grey colors such as the border of this website. Its not visible in games or movies. Any ideas on this? Should i return it for another? I dont want it to be broken like 1 week after the warranty is gone and be out of luck.
  2. PanicX

    PanicX TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 669

    You shouldn't be seeing any scrolling anomolies, however that may not be the fault of the monitor. Check that your video cable is secured properly. Are you running the monitor at its native resolution? Perhaps check that the refresh rate is set at 60 Hz.
  3. amazon_sephy

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    The cables are secure. Ive tried both dvi and the d-sub connections and both provide teh same effect. The monitor is running at native resolution and the refresh is at 60hz. Like i said you do have to be looking for it. If i knew it wasnt going to develop into something worse i wouldnt care, but im not sure what might happen. It only bothers me in teh fact that it may turn into a serious defect.
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