DellLatitude C640 Windows2000Prof..Error loading operating system

By carlodigiorgio
May 31, 2007
  1. :) :knock: Hello techspot community!

    Am a new member of this Honorable Forum and, of course, the purpose of me joining you is because I am experiencing problems.

    1st. this Dell machine/Windows 2000 collapsed and was restored to a mediocre performance due to a display driver not been installed.

    2nd. then it stopped booting and now

    3rd I get "Error loading operating system".

    I have checked (F2) the BIOS booting sequence and found it identical to the one of another Dell laptop in perfect working conditions.
    When testing the defect machine in F12 to be booting from a CD (another OP such as W98SE) the Setup screen would appear and Wxx could be normally installed. Of course, I want to keep Windows2000Prof because of the many applications and files installed therein although I wouldn't mind having 2 OP's on this machine to choose at login stage

    Any good suggestions on how to solve the immediate problem..."Error loading operating system"... and then to repair the display driver issue or the OP as a whole?

    I was advised to do some Windows repair, however, as I cant find the actual CD of this rather old laptop I'm now trying to purchase the necessary software.

    I thank you for any help or assistance you may be able to offer to me.
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    First thing to ask is, is the HD actually ok, does it show in the BIOS as an identified disk if so then identify the HD and download the manufacturers test disk for it, run the tests and see if there are any errors with the drive, if there are no errors then you have yourself a good old fashioned software problem, so....

    You will need a Win2000 disk, if you dont have one then you can go no further...

    If you have a disk then boot from the CD and choose to do a repair of the existing install, this may work but it depends on how badly the OS is broken.

    All is a moot point until you have a disk, but in the meantime here's a link for the graphics driver for "the Dell latitude c640".

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  4. carlodigiorgio

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    Hi there,

    I logged in again to check my thread and to my greatest surprise I don't see my immediate response to you both, which was a warm THANK YOU for the promt response. Funny enough! I did write a quick reply and sent it off nd it's not here. A mystery!

    I agree wit you, I need the CD to do the repair and I'll have to purchase it from eBay because I can't find it. It's a question of money because it might cost up to 65£.

    For the HD and all the rest I've run the Diagnostic built in and all tests got a brilliant PASS. Am certain it's a OS issue.

    The Links attached are of excellent help in case of need and
    I leave this thread open for the time being in case I need further assistance.
    all the best!

    Thanks again!


    Carlo di Giorgio
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