Dell's HDD bay option

Oct 15, 2006
  1. Anyone have luck booting an operating system from a HDD via the front bay on a C600/610 or similar? I had read something about this option while looking for info on this model. I also am a bit in the dark on the additional slot near the memory on the bottom, what can be installed here... It looks similar to the memory interface but also has two unhooked connectors toward the palmrest side. I assume this is miniPCI slot? I am new to laptops this year, in fact, having picked up a few used ones cheap, this is one off eBay in the last week.... I am yet to have it fully operational.
    Thanks TIA,

    UPDATE: Paragon33 tells me I must have some incomplete info, It is possible via another port but not the CD/Floppy front bay. I can't recall where I got that information. Anyway, sorry for any confusion passed along
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    Hi Bill

    I own a C600, the slot next to the memory is for a MiniPCI card, although if you want to use a Wifi Nic you will need to buy a pigtail connector to link it to the inbuilt aerial, these cables are like rocking horse sh*t to find.

    As for booting from the front slot, I would need to look into that, as I am looking for a way to have 2 HD's in the machine, i'll email Paragon later and see what he has to say.

    lastly watch the power lead on the C600. if you let it hang down for to long the cable breaks about 2cm from the plug, I have gone through 3 PSU's already, mainly coz I sit on the couch and the cable hangs down, Dell fixed this on later models by including a small clip to support the cable, I now use a wire tie....
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    I think I saw one of those 'antenna's' on auction over at eBay... Not sure how they work... only Wireless I own is PSP. I did try my sister's husbands' PEN USB wireless PC card. I was thinking that route for myself.
    I use dialup since day one still, just avoiding a higher bill.

    I have the cable on my table and ran it mainly off the battery, however, once running full Windows, I may resort to AC for extended use. The battery fully charges and is a real nice asset for an eBay computer on the first attempt (came with laptop and CD ROM) I was happy to learn both bays can hold batteries and I suspect running time could be 4 hours or more?

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