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Nov 27, 2006
  1. ok i realy s**k at this so i will give you the specs i want and you give me the info i need

    2gbs ram(ddr or what ever)
    over 3ghz cpu
    over 20gigs of hdd
    dvd rw
    dvd rw(yes two)
    and the other stuff what ever
    how cheap can i get it?
    oh and a good graphic card is definetly a plus
    i wont even consider your idea if the price is over $1000
  2. wolfram

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  3. F1N3ST

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    A 3GHZ cpu will be beat by a 1.86Ghz CPU by a wide margin, do some research, and get a core 2 duo system.
  4. twite

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    As finest said i would get a e6300. It would be helpful if you state what you will be using the comp for to help us better determine what components would be needed. For casual use, only 1 g of ddr2 would probably be necessary, for gaming, to gigs would be good. As far as a video card, once again depending on what you are doing, anything from a 7600-7900 or an x1600-1950 would be good. For light gaming and use, i would say an x1800 or nvidia 7600. For heavy gaming an x1900-1950 or a 7900 would be good. That, and a mid range 975x core 2 duo supported mobo should total up to under $1000. Also 20 gigs is waaay to small a hard-drive, no matter what you are doing. I would recommend very minimum an 80 gig, and even that is cutting it nowadays considering some games are running close to 30 gigs.
  5. lehsstudent

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    would i be better off buying a complete system from dell?
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    Stay away from Dell and it's brother Alienware because they are a piece of crap machines you can build x999999 times better and still save about $1000

    It's up to you... Buy a crap machine for exspensive or gain computer knowledge, get a awesome system you designed and can show off to people and save money...

    Personaly I would go to this

    Build a $700 computer

    Change to the following parts:



    Hard drive:

    End Price: About $900-1000 ( rounded without shipping ) but if your budget is only $1000 you can always save up a few dollars and pay the rest :)

    The Mobo / RAM is good, Just make sure the case you are getting can fit your mobo. Meaning if you get a Micro ATX motherboard you do not get a case that only supports ATX because the motherboard wont fit, When you check out the motherboard linked in the guide look at the system specs and it will say something like "Form Factor: ATX" that means you get a ATX full tower case but if it says "Form Factor: MicroATX or MATX" get a case that supports MicroATX

    Hope I helped :)
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