Desktop and WinXP initialization

By Myrone
Feb 19, 2005
  1. May I apply for your kind assistance,

    I have ran today MS autoplay repair wizard, which successfully fixed the problem it was supposed to do, but since:

    1) WinXP loading time is dramatically longer.
    2) Normally, the desktop and the icons appear quite early during Windows loading sequence, but now, they appear at the last second.

    WinXP restore to an earlier date didn't help.

    I believe something during booting is corrupt and/or prevent a proper sequence, but maybe I'm wrong. Can you assist me please in this

    Myrone D.
  2. Kevin16

    Kevin16 TS Rookie Posts: 92

    Do you have a lot of icons in your system tray? If so, try to remove unwanted ones by running "msconfig" in the Run box.
  3. leblancr

    leblancr TS Rookie

    Did a solution to this get posted? I think I've got a very similar problem.

    I've got a home built system. ABIT mobo, AMD Athlon XP 3000+, 512 MB Ram (light, I know), Maxtor 80 GB HD, HP 640 Light Scribe DVD/CDRW burner.

    I've had Windows XP Pro installed and it's run fine since last April. This fall, the kids picked up a trojan that took a while to get rid of, and performance has been slow all around since then.

    Last week, I finally got everything backed up, fdisked and reformatted the HD and reloaded Windows XP Pro. I completed fine. I set up the MOBO drivers and network, rebooting several times with no problems. Back to the old performance.

    I then installed SP1 from CD. When I rebooted, it posted like normal, got the beep, then have a black screen with the HD light on solid for about a minute. Then, I get the status bar on the bottom of the screen and it crawls along. Takes almost 5 minutes. When it finally gets to the end, it's off to the races again and the full boot finishes in about a minute.

    I went ahead and loaded all of MS Update's to it, including SP2, thinking maybe one of them would straighten it out, but it didn't.

    Got all my apps on it, everything runs great, but this 5 minute boot time is for the birds. Does it with both cold and warm boots.

    I didn't open the chassis or do anything inside it.

    Anyone have any recommendations?


    Rene LeBlanc
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