desktop tab no respond

By totohobo
Aug 14, 2005
  1. :confused: display properties desktop tab no respond and rundll32.exe no respond too so anyone can help
  2. kryptoknight

    kryptoknight TS Rookie Posts: 40

    I know it's the same old same old, but please let us know if you ran:

    An Antispyware program the past few days
    What AntiVirus you are using
    What version of windows
    When did this happen
    Did you change anything when it recently stopped working.

    KK good luck.
  3. totohobo

    totohobo TS Rookie Topic Starter


    first i use :
    Ad-Aware SE Professional + microsoft antispyware ( my pc clean )
    norton antivirus 2005
    windows xp pro sp2 + AutoPatcher XP Jul2005 full
    this is my first time 2 have a problem like this one that i cant solve ...
    ok when i try 2 open my display tab no respond just only this tab the other work fine then when i close it with windows task manager ( rundll32.exe is not responding ) ok that is my problem
    by the way vga driver is good all drivers seem good too
    and everything else work fine
    so do you know how 2 fix this annoying problem :(
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