DESPERATE for help on oblivion...Please Help!!!

By whitewall888
May 29, 2007
  1. ok i joined here pretty much so i can get help to fix my game. I must play it...

    Here's what's goin down:

    I got oblivion last summer and played and it was working great...until i accidentally hid a bunch of files, many of which were games....oblivion being one of oblivion won't work, as well as some of my other [completely unrelated] games.

    what's happening is when i start up the game, an error message pops up reading "oblivion launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close" It says either send error report or don't send, and i always click the ladder cuz i don't have internet to that computer.

    it's said that if you uninstall and reinstall oblivion too many times, it'll stop working and to run setup.exe to fix this. i'm afraid i might have so, i do, and then an error message pops up saying "go to the control panel to install and configure system components."

    I have the latest oblivion [english] patch, a brand new graphics card, and a good computer.

    I'll do anything if it'll work....any advice you have would help me so much....

  2. aman501

    aman501 TS Rookie Posts: 27

    Welcome to Techspot! Are the folders for oblivion and your other games still hidden? if so go into control panel; click on appearance and themes; at the bottom it should have a "folder options" link. click that; under the "view" tab there should be a setting that says "Hidden files and folders" under that select "show hidden files and folders" viola! files should show up again. They will be slightly transparent to show that they're hidden however, so you should right click them, select properties and uncheck the hidden box at the bottom.
  3. whitewall888

    whitewall888 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes i've already "un-hid" the files...i'm way past that.
  4. Lethogar

    Lethogar TS Rookie Posts: 36 you have anything Important on your computer that you can't put back on. If not then you should reformat your computer.(just back up any save files for your games)after reformating then you should try installing and playing it again.
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