Desperate need for help!!

By skipper
Jul 5, 2005
  1. Ok so its a rather annoying and bad problem for me so i'll try to explain the best i can. Around two weeks ago my computer began to make abnormal noise, somewhat like an aeroplane taking off, i initially thought it was the mainboard fan and gave it a clean and blow in an attempt to get rid of some of the dust. As the days went by it continued to get louder and louder and clearing dust from the main fan didnt solve anything. So i took the side case off, and tried to look for the problem. I noticed it was the graphics card fan making the noise so i went to clean it and clean the case (This was after a around 36hour period of no reboots but power heavy games being played) and as i attempted to reboot the monitor was not reading any picture with the card so i thought it could maybe be a monitor problem. I tested another monitor and it still didnt boot. Kept on recieving the usuall message of *Monitor is working, Check Cables,PC etc etc* So then i took out the gfx card and asked some friends and they said the card might have fried, so i smelt the cards fan and it did smell abit like burning. I asked again and he told me that most cards have a safe switch which stops the computer turning on if the card hs burnt out etc. So i tested with my corsair dual's 512mb 2-2-2-5 and then with my old 512mb ddr2700 ram. Neither worked so i took out the card again and tried to give it a large clean, still no joy. I am quite sure the card has burned out so i ordered a new 9800 pro to fix the problem, any help or knowledge on this would be very well apprieciated as i am only 17 and do not have the funds for a major over-haul.

    PC Specs

    AMD Barton 2400+
    512mbDDR400 Corsair 2-2-2-5 x2
    80gb Hard drive (No problems with it)
    Geforce5700 256mb LE (The card in question)
    ASUS Av8x-x mobo

    Note, the ram was installed around a week before this started happening and it was running fine, tested with old ram too, no joy.

    Hoping for help, thanks.
  2. skipper

    skipper TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Also, the card and PC was in good working order for a good six months.
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