"Destiny" beta dates and platforms announced, two Collectors Editions revealed

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The beta for Bungie's upcoming shared-world shooter is just around the corner. We already knew Destiny would enter beta status on July 17 and now we know which systems it'll arrive on and how long gamers will get to play the...

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The Destiny Limited Edition bundle will set you back $99.99 while the Ghost Edition commands $149.99.
wow. these (beta) game packs are very expensive. base (beta) game is still below 60$?


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I've heard quite a lot of good stuff about this game, I'm just going to have to get it I think, It's about time I got a PS4 and when this releases they're going to be selling it with a White console. I'm in.


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The Expansion Pass includes access to two post-release expansion packs, Expansion 1: The Dark Below and Expansion 2: House of Wolves ($19.99 values each).
The freaking game is not even in beta access and they've already named 2 payed exps... THIS is what is wrong with development companies, I freaking hate it (To put it mildly before someone censors my post ¬¬).


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Not on PC so why care?
Activision have already gone on record to say they are "strongly" considering making a PC version as it suits the platform well. I would place a decent amount of money they already are on the case.

They've invested 550 million dollars into this game and infrastructure, that is a serious amount of money and I can see them releasing it for PC, just for the sales.

One last point, a lot of PC gamers that I know are always saying "I would rather wait for a finished game rather than a broken game now". If GTA5 is anything to go by, this will be ported to PC and more than likely support some extra stuff, upgraded textures and graphic options, more players on screen and better AI? Who knows, all I know is, it'll probably be the superior version when it is released.

Edit: After reading more into it, it appears because everyone is in a constant world no matter the platform, PC gamers would probably rape the console players so they have held off for now. Still, the fact they have said they are thinking about it, I guess they are going to wait and see how well it sells first before announcing anything.
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