Deus Ex 2 Demo

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Nov 21, 2003
  1. Deus Ex 2 demo download

    I can't tell you how happy I was when I was told (thanks Didou) about the demo release, I've been looking forward to this ever since the original came out, I really loved that game.
    The demo is a Fileplanet exclusive (that means you will need to register to download) but I'm sure it will just be a matter of time before other websites start hosting the demo, so be sure to post any comments if you find a copy somewhere else.

    Enter here for more info on the demo and Fileplanet registration.
  2. Boogie

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  3. SNGX1275

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    I did not see it there, Boogie.
  4. Didou

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  5. Boogie

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    The file at the bottom DXIW etc
  6. Kaleid

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  7. Boogie

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  8. Kaleid

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    HEAVY discussion about the demo :grinthumb
  9. Per Hansson

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    Yes, unfortunately the discussion is about how crappy the game is compared to the original...

    And I can do nothing but agree, I was very disappointed when I played it... I'm really hoping the full version is different...
  10. NoisySilence

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    I think their servers are getting hammered ever since the demo got released.
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