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By pinb@llz ยท 4 replies
Mar 25, 2004
  1. just changed 2 WIN NT systems to WIN 98.
    I'm plugging in sound and modem cards and they aren't being detected before during or after boot up.
    tried changing pci slots. nuttin honey.

  2. Liquidlen

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    Not alot of info there Pin, but if there is onboard audio & modem check bios settings and disable.What are you seeing in device manager?How sure are you the old equipment worked under NT?
  3. OS samurai

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    Is the hardware supported by win 98 does the manufacturer have drivers on there website? There could be a chance that the hardware may be to new for 98
  4. SNGX1275

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    Is PnP OS enabled in the BIOS? It may not be since NT didn't support PnP.
  5. pinb@llz

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    ok, got one system straightened out. modem and sound card working.
    second system, sound card working fine, but will not detect any new modem card that i install EXCEPT a cirrus logic modem.
    it recognizes it and installs the drivers but the modem doesn't work properly (no dial tone).
    i tried changing the system from win98 to win pro with the same results.
    tried a conexant modem, riptide, usr winmodem and a couple others. all with the proper drivers. these modems easily installed into other machines.
    the sound card was detected and installed, no problem, just not ANY modem other than this Cirrus Logic Modem that either doesn't work or is not being set up properly.
    no, there are no irq conflicts when the CLM is set up.
    how can i install a different modem if the system won't recognize the new device? (yes, tried add new hardware wiz), nogood.
    c'mon help me keep the little bit of sanity i have left intact.

    a little post-script here...i've been messing with this all afternoon.
    the system detects ANY card that i put in a slot. ethernet, sound, video, whatever.
    the ONLY modem it recognizes is the Cirrus Logic. (clm5620 blah blah..)
    ok, so i'm trying to go with that modem. it gets a dial tone, it dials out but right over the dial tone. you hear both the dial tone and the dialing together.
    i also updated the driver for the VIA motherboard that's in the machine.
    tried every driver for cirrus modems i could find.
    maybe a different modem string? anyone have any, i'm still looking.

    -help me i need to sleep tonight. i hate computers.

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