"Device Driver Not Found" - Error during Linux installation Need Help

By Nirmal
Mar 20, 2007
  1. I need to install Red Hat Linux 3. The CD is booting without any problem.
    But it asks for a device driver to be choosen.
    It goes until the selection of mouse and keyboard devices.After that it throws an error saying that it could not find any device driver.

    I use a P4 - 3.0GHz processor with intel 915 mother board, 1GB DDR RAM
    and a 160GB SATA(Seagate Baracuda) hard disk.Windows XP is already installed.

    I think the SATA hard disk is not getting detected.I tried to get driver for it in
    the internet, but in vain.But in one of my friends system it got installed without any trouble--The system was using an IDE hard disk.

    Friends suggested to go for Fedora Core.But I very much want to install Red Hat only.
    Can someone help me install it.
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