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Device drivers and windows xp sp2.........is there a bug?

By rht14731
Jan 25, 2005
  1. I have read a lot of post on several Forums about people haveing problems with windows finding the drivers for the newly installed devices. I thought i was having the same problem but I have found that windows is not installing the drivers for anything eventhough the drivers are on the computer.

    I have a 120g mator HDD installed in a generic enclosure. I had it set up with only one 120g partition so i decided to break it down into 4. when i did this using disk management and tryed to format it the new partitions it told me that the partition was not enabled and to restart and then format it. I did and i got the same error meassager (drive not enabled........). I know the drive works with xp because I partitioned it and formated before.

    after searching the internet for answers and finding nothing I looked at the device manager and forund nothing untill I had it show hidden devices. That is when i found that it did not install the drivers for 4 generic volumes under storage volumes. I went in and updated driver for them all and it worked.

    Just to see what happened I repartitioned a 128mb thumb drive and got the same and had to install the drive myself. I am going through windows tech support and they had me uninstall my usb controlers to see if that corrected the problem. It didnt I had to install the driver manually.

    Do any of you think this might be a flaw in sp2?
  2. Anarchi

    Anarchi TS Rookie

    I havent seen any unusual device problems with SP2, so my best guess is that it could be something to do with your system.

    Have you upgraded your mainboard BIOS lately?
  3. rht14731

    rht14731 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes I have updated my bios about a month before i did a format and install of xp. when i did that i had no problem with drivers being installed automaticly by windows. instead of waiting days for sp2 to download and install (dial-up) I ordered the update cd from microsoft and installed it that way and now i have to go in to device manager and install every device manually. after i installed sp2 i downloaded all the update drivers i could find for all my devices and installed them that is when i reallized that windows was doing this.
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