Diablo2 + Geforce4 MX440 with AGP8X = doesnt work?

By novkhan
May 6, 2004
  1. Diablo2 + Geforce4 MX440 with AGP8X = doesnt work?


    I have manage to install install Diablo2 on PCs with Geforce2 MX/MX400 and they work fine!

    Tried it on the last PC with Geforce4 MX440,
    double click the Diablo2 desktop icon to play!
    Than screen turn black for 2 sec and than i goezs to desktop again???

    All PC have DirectX9 installed!

    Definitely must be some setting with the Geforce4 i miss out, but i just couln't find it! Need help!

  2. smtkr

    smtkr TS Rookie Posts: 131

    Sounds like a driver issue... Try a different set. You might also play with the quality/performance slider.
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