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Aug 8, 2006
  1. Hello,

    My Emachines T4480 has recently gave me some problems: First I installed some new, suitable RAM, but I accidently broke the power button on my computer panel. I purchase that same cable from PCcables.com, but then I realize my power supply has died. I then purchase a $70 power supply from emachines, uninstalled the old one & Installed the new one. I put everything in place and my computer still does not turn on & the fan does not move. I might of incorrecly put back in the power LED, Power button LED, and HDD LED, pins into the system. Can this be a motherboard problem or a problem related to any of the stuff I did?
    If you want to help me solve this problem, I would be more than willing to give you any needed info about my CPU. I tried Emachines Tech Support and they couldn't help me. If you want pictures I've taken many and will post if you need it. :blackeye:
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Your problem is that you have an E machine. and you probably dont have the front panel connecters installed properly.
  3. iambug

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    My cousin had a similiar issue like this. His emachine stopped working. He thought it was same problem with the power supply too. I'm not really sure what happened. He just bought a new computer. I ended up with the hard drive of the emachine so I could recovery data but it was heavily fragmented then it stopped working. From my experience, flipping the 'power on' button cable will not damage anything (if its on the right spot). It will just cause the computer to power on when you plug it in. I would review the manual to double check everyhing is in the right place. (they can be tricky) Perhaps disconnect the CDROM so the only thing connected is the hard drive. This will help narrow down the issue. I get the feeling the hard drive could be the culprut but I've never witness one interfere with power up so it is unlikey. Is it a Western Digital Protege? I never got the chance to check the thing out myself. He was actually happy to have a reason for a new computer. To be honest I think the motherboard gave out.

    Good luck.

    edit: I asked him and he said he tried a new power supply but it did not work. Then he bought a new computer.
  4. MJB234EVER

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    thanks iss, i had them configured in the wrong spot and now im am sending a message from that computer, thanks

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