Overclocking Diamond Plate,,check it out!!

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Ah its ok.. a good idea, but doenst look the coolest.

Though I must say, your about on Wicka's level with your fans! Fan here, fan there, fan everywhere! Im not sure if your videocard has one, but im assuming it does.
A few on your hard drive, one for the ram :D Looks like I could go on for a bit. Its all good though, not dissing you :)


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That looks sweet dude; I've been thinking about HDD coolers for awhile, but decided against it since I only have one.

BTW, I only have like four fans now.


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All the Fans are the way i OC. that 2.4C runs @ 3.0 without a problem

Thanks for the thoughts though,,:)


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I actually was working on a schematic for a full ATX case built to standard from diamond plated aluminum. Just can't get my hands on enough of it :/


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Lowes carries what ya need.
This mod is the first i have done,,,it will get better!
When i grab another sheet that is LOL.


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I think diamond plating used for case siding would be awesome. Durable, cheap (?), strong, and it looks good. Forward this thread to Alienware or Falcon NW.
I'd like to see it on a laptop.


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Awesome MOD...and I would love to see it on the outside of a case...hell, if someone started making them, I'd grab one for my gaming PC...really cool stuff, and well done...
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