Did I blow up my Mobo?

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Nov 18, 2007
  1. hello.

    About a week ago I was working (errr...ahhh playing) with my desktop.

    DFI LP nf4 SLI-dr
    Athy64 4000+
    2gb gigaram 2-3-2-5 DDR-400
    7900gt SLI @ 580 1600
    550W Hyper PSU

    Well getting ready to retest my RAM to get current aprox. OCing potential to see whether to go Opti 165 or 175...

    After making changes in the BIOs and saving the computer would hang. The power LEDs would flash and the system repetitively beeped. Hmmm not good...i cleared the CMOS and it would boot then I loaded the defaults. Samething...Cleared the CMOS again and instead I loaded a saved profile I made and it booted no problem...we had a theory about the CMOS battery...so I replaced it. I don't remember...but I think that took care of it.

    So on to the OC test. I loaded the "optimized defaults" in BIOs saved and exited...It loaded an old OC profile...not bad if it were 100% stable (2.7ghz @ 225 x12 1.675 vcrore)...well that's odd, the defaults should be default. well whatever...set what I needed and selected to boot memtest. repeated many times. yay stable @ 250! woot woot. then moved to boot windows and that's where we hung-up. The computer would get as far as booting windows then reboot. tweaked settings and still couldn't get it to boot windows...[whatever events I don't remember]..."hmm maybe too many changes and times saved..."... more desk diving

    This is the point where the operator error comes in...I remember desk diving alot so I don't really remember why I did this time. The power was off I reached in and moved the jumper to 2-3 from 1-2 and it dawns on me ****! the PSU was still on so the mobo had power!!! zomg what did I do!?!?! i powered off the PSU by the switch and moved to CMOS back to 1-2. Upon rebooting there was a checksum error but was still able to get into the BIOs. Didn't save and exited. rebooted...at which point I got those beeps and flashes until I powered it off.

    I cleared the CMOS again (plug out to be sure) then rebooted. This time I let it boot and it made it into windows. felt slugish. CPU-z reported 2,325mhz and other goofy speeds (athy64 4000+ @ 2.4 stock). Maybe corrupt BIOs? So I flashed. Still nada. @ reboot the system would hang everytime (Just at the system beep). if I cleared the CMOs it would boot again after hanging. Ordered a new BIOs chip flashed with BIOs from DFI. poped it in and still repeated. at this stage I got check-sum error and unknown flash type upon booting...but still could boot windows.

    Well after that about 1 week ago I haven't looked too much into it. Going to check out my CPU and Mem on a friend's system to maybe narrow down the fried hardware. Also looked into upgrading to AM2 or C2D...I don't have the money at the moment. since at the moment I can boot windows I still use the system for fear of WoW withdrawls...even if it is on the unstable side.

    So thank you for your time in reading this. I hope I wasn't TOO verbose... :p
    what do you think???

    Note to self: Remember to unplug or switch off the PSU before clearing the CMOS

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Good luck on finding the fried hardware... You got real lucky on not frying the CMOS chip, but I really think the motherboard is toast
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Could try replacing the CMOS chip first..
  4. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Already did. A friend thinks the Mobo might be bypassing the CMOS to some degree.
  5. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    If your friend is right, this is another way of saying that the motherboard is fried
  6. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    Yay! woot woot! Fried my first Mobo!
  7. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    Ya!!! Welcome to the IBMA, or the International Blown Motherboards Association. Your our newest member! Your complementary gift basket is on its way. This is a very exclusive club so don't tell your friends.
  8. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Now, where is mine, Stick'o ram like you promised me ?

  9. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    lol thank you
  10. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    What??? You didn't get the basket made out of recycled Pentium II's?
    It should contain the following:

    New Computer Smell Candle
    ROHS Compliant Hand Soap or Lead Based Hand Soap (Based on whatever one was in stock when your basket shipped.)
    Anti-Static Cheese Ball
    and a Bag of Lays Computer Chips

    However its also possible UPS is super slow in shipping and might arrive in ~2 years. Enjoy the Cheese Ball.

    On Half of the IBMA,

    Stick Overlock Ram.
  11. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    OK great. What about if I have an address change in the next 2ish years? have a e-mail for ups or something?
  12. uero12

    uero12 TS Rookie

  13. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    Your just jealous because you weren't invited into the association.
  14. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Ha ha ha, okay guys, go back to the topic, this is going off the hand.
  15. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    @bushwacker - yes sir/ma'am! /salute

    I'm getting my CPU and RAM checked out by a friend to verify I didn't do more damage to the hardware.

    Should know next week

    Also getting my old 7800gtx checked out...that I don't need...that would be really nice to sell...*hint* *hint* but that's for another topic

    Next step I believe is finding a replacement before the only 939mobos are teh suk...or finding the money for an upgrade to AM2 or if I have more money then I expect a C2D system.
  16. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    I was wondering how long it was going to go on, seven posts of pure IMBA nonsense.

    Have you picked out a replacement board yet aksd?

    I was beggining to wonder if I shouldn't start such a association.

    Sorry I posted before I saw your new comment. You think finding a 939 motherboard is bad I recentaly had to buy a new 754 motherboard, all of them were super cheap and crappy.
  17. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    And they are already extinct.
  18. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

    I know where I can get a referb DFI LP nf4 sli-dr like I already have...overpriced tho...it's $120

    I think I should work on getting the money I need for an AM2 or C2D system...then if I have any lef over I can get a crappy 939 board to make a 2nd system...just would need a HD PSU DVD and case...add that ith my 7800gtx if I haven't sold it and I'm peachy

    EDIT: SLI is a limitation due to my uber watercooling removing a card requires draining and stuff... woot woot

  19. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    How do you get around in your case if something goes wrong? It must be a real pain.

    I wouldn't wait too long on buying a 939 because eventually they (as in newegg) will only have like one or two in stock. You can still get them on ebay and places like that but they won't be new. Thats why I'm treating my 2nd computers 478 motherboard like a king, if it goes I'm just going to ditch the whole system.
  20. aksd

    aksd TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 51

  21. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Same here.

    Edited= Have the bad feeling on the Jetway, so take the Foxconn instead.
  22. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    I currently have a Foxconn board and it runs very well. I've almost put it on my list of good motherboard manafacuters (so far the only ones are Asrock). But it still needs to last another five months.

    I would aviod Biostar, i've had bad luck with them so far. I too would aviod Jetway, they have had some bad reviews, but I never have acutally tried them.
  23. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Biostar is quite all right. ASROCK is a very solid board i ever had. Only problem, it is not designed for gamer, only on budget :D
  24. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    I based my Biostar experience off of one board that I had that was cheaply made, and the capaciters would scream and the on-board audio was terrible (i know on board sucks, but this was down right torture). But this board was also the cheapest one biostar makes and I got it for free.

    I've had my AsRock board know for four years and it keeps going. I've had a powersupply blow once, its been moved around between cases infinite number of times, and even its floopy connecter shorted out and the thing keeps on working. And the thing was in a case for two years where the tempature would get up to 120 degress f for many hours. But each board is different, but yea their cheap and not good for gaming or serious work. Its like a semi-truck compared to a sports car.
  25. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    I got my 90% of system parts free. :D

    Plus, My brother is using the biostar to run his pentium 4 1.4ghz, he is still using it ever since.
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