Did I Just Fry And Brake My Brothers Hard-Drive Or IDE

By Mountain_Fire
Nov 11, 2005
  1. Hey,

    I am not very wise and knowledgeable about the hardware side of the pc and not sure what this problem could be but i hope it can be fixed. This is what happened

    I went round my brothers to install windows xp and i booted up from disk then it asked me if i wanted to partition the drives (my brother has 2 hard-drives, 1 is 10GB and the other 20GB) and i wasent 100% sure what to do as ive never done this b4 but i paritioned both of them and i think all data was wiped off. Then i clicked to install xp on 1 of them then it formatted that drive, and all went well and xp was installed.

    Then i looked at the other hard drive and clicked on it and it wouldent let me open it unless i formatted it, so i thought fine, and i did and as it was about 1/4 done it crashed and a blue screen came up with alot of info on, some or most i cant remember, but i restarted the machine and the IDE primary master was none and also the secondary master was none and it was booting up from cd as a 3rd option.

    I knew something bad had happened as i went into setup mode by pushing delete and i tried to dectect the hard-drives but none could be found. So looking around in set-up mode for ages looking for ways to get it to dectect the hard-drives but no luck. I just hoped i havent fryed the IDE or the hard-drives.

    I know nothing about this kind of thing or even for that matter what a IDE is, but i did allow the xp cd to run after as i coulent do anything else and when it tried to detect the hard-drives on installation it could not detect them

    Can anyone help or give any insight as to what may have happened and anyways it can be fixed?

    Thanks Guys
  2. beerabuser30

    beerabuser30 TS Enthusiast Posts: 200

    I don't think you fried it but if you partioned and formatted I am pretty sure everything is wiped from the hard drive. Go into the bios and see if that is detecting the hard drives. I don't think you can fry an ide from windows installation.
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