Did Linus create Linux?

By Julio Franco ยท 7 replies
May 20, 2004
  1. According to a controversial report (which btw hasn't even been officially published), it would be near to impossible to say that Linus Torvalds created the now extremely popular Linux operating system from scratch... the study boldly hints that Torvalds based his work on Minix, a small operating system that is very similar to UNIX: "MINIX was written for educational purposes by Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum of Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam." Torvalds denies such claims.

    The 92-page report, from a 14-person Washington, D.C., think tank called the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, suggests more Linux credit should go to Minix. A Unix clone, Minix that was designed by Andrew Tanenbaum at Vrije University in Amsterdam for the study of operating systems and software, which Torvalds used before he embarked on Linux development in 1991.
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    We needed a special study to find out that Linux is inspired from Minix? You gotta be joking. Any more serious text about Linux says that.

    This post is amost as legendary as the first words spoken over a telephone: http://www.linux10.org/history/
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    Yeah.. whys it matter?
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    Note that Tanenbaum himself has put a statement on line that Linus did not derive Linux from Minix. The statement also shows that Brown from ADTI is an ignoramus who did no real research and had an axe (funded by Microsoft no doubt) to grind. Just wish the press would pick this up as well.
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    Who created Linux? Maybe no one did. Linux just is.:evil:
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    Yes it will echo through the halls of nerdom for all time! Ranks right up there with the invention of the clapper and whitening toothpaste in significance to my life.:grinthumb
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    Linux is so cool! And the games it comes with... Oh wow! Hahaha, I like the game that you get to smash Bill Gates. Hahaha! Anyway, Santa and the Tooth Fairy created Linux?!? :eek: Everything I ever learned is a LIE! :mad:
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