Did XP Media Centre restore, ever since, computer slows down when used for a while

By lauramagraham
Sep 18, 2007
  1. I had to restore my windows Xp Media Centre about a week ago. Ever since I did the restore, the computer runs fine when turned on, but over time it slows down ALOT and eventually everything starts "Not Responding" and the computer has to be restarted. Then it runs fine again for a while, but the same thing happens. I'm not running a great amount of programs, but usually when I run MIRC, the problem worsens. I've done numerous virus and spyware scans with ZoneAlarm Security suite, but it only finds minor problems that are deleted with no problem. There is a process running called "scanning process.exe" and it uses anywhere above 50% of my cpu nearly all the time. I've also noticed something called "svchost.exe" running in task manager, and there are usually about 4 or 5 of these running at once, some say "SYSTEM", some say "NETWORK SERVICE" and some say "LOCAL SERVICE" beside them. I dont have great knowledge of stuff like this and I'm at a complete loss. Someone please help me.
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    What was the reason for you doing a restore?
  3. lauramagraham

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    reason for restore

    I had to restore because, the laptop was running fine, and then I went to turn it on one morning and got the message "NTLDR is missing. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" but restarting jus did the same thing. The same message appeared.
  4. lauramagraham

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    I used the Packard Bell Recovery Program to make the disc, it was called Master CD/DVD creator or something I think. It basically contained Windows files and drivers for the laptop. It also had a lot of other stuff I didnt really want. Like Norton, Internet from BT. Although when I did the recovery I don't think they were all installed, there's a program called "Smart Restore" and I've tried several times using it to uninstall norton, it goes through the motions but it doesnt actually uninstall. or at least when i go back to "smart restore" it's still on the list available for installing or uninstalling.
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