Difference between vista ultimate retail and oem?

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Feb 6, 2007
  1. HI, I will soon be buying vista Ultimate 32-bit. Please dont try to talk me out of it, i know the risks!!! lol. I was wonderingwhy is the retail 50$ more then the oem. I know that with previous Operating Systems there was no differnce really, but now that this is a more multimedia based type of operating system, there just may be a differnce, and it may be worth 50$. Please help me out. thanks alot! -Nick

    Retail- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16832116141
    OEM- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16832116213
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    Get the retail upgrade. OEM ties you to the motherboard forever (without lying over the phone). Full gives you nothing over the retail upgrade other than saving you time on a full install (because you have to install it twice, once without the key).
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    what does everyone else thinK
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    Just recently I got a legitimate copy of Vista from a friend and put it on a laptop that I don't use anymore. Go with the full retail. You'll be happier and won't have to put up with MS jerking you around if your motherboard dies or you want to put it on another computer.
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    yeah im considdering it, but I want to start fresh by installing the new program, with out xp and old files in the way, I have all my important stuff on an extra harddrive so I wouldnt mind formatting my current one for a full vista version. But I will probably go with the oem, unless other people think its a really bad idea
  7. awsskater892

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    Retail means you can install it on any one machine at any given time, it's not tied to your current setup like oem. If you plan on doing any signifigant upgrades it would be a good idea to consider the retail version.
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    OEM suites most people perfectly fine, but if you ever want to upgrade your system and keep the OS then go for retail, just to save yourself a headache.

    I work on computers a lot, so I was going to go with a retail version for myself - but I put OEM versions on computers I sell. Retail is a step above OEM, but OEM is far and away better than the stupid "recovery" discs most places give you.
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    Not true

    I have gotten an OEM version and have installed it on many computers many times and I didn't have to call them for a new key ever. I guess you aren't supposed to but whatever, who gives a **** about MS, they are a a bunch of **** heads and the only reason I use windows is that my stuff doesn't run on ubuntu right and a mac is too expensive for me to get.

    It is cheaper because it doesn't come with all the packaging and stuff like that. It just comes with a disk and a key.
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