Difference between XP PRO and XP HOME ?

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Dec 5, 2007
  1. Can anyone tell me ? thx
  2. Nodsu

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    Even such a naive query as "difference between xp pro and xp home" gives you dozens of valid results.
  3. Techno-Viking

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    i thought i could get plain answer from you pro's ....guess i was wrong. =\
  4. Eddie_42

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    biggest difference it network stuff. Pro has a lot more. Home is designed for Joe and his new computer playing warcraft and typing Word documents, pretty plain and simple, also solid system.

    Pro is more for offices where you need to interface between several computers (network).

    I will tell you from experiance that haveing 2 Home computers on the network causes some issues with file sharing/transfering. However if there is at least one Pro on the network, its protocols will alliviate those issues.

    If your just an average user and dont get into many of the system protocols, much like myself, you wont notice a difference.

    p.s. Google is the DEVIL - www.alltheweb.com
  5. Stick'o ram

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    I think pro also allows you to use two procs., but I could be wrong.
  6. Cinders

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    Like Eddie said and I'd like to add that my personal computer has XP Home but my kids has XP Pro because it's easier to lock down a profile with Pro than it is with Home. On my kids computer I can restrict which programs they can run. I can allow them to play an online video game but not be able to use a browser. They can't install programs because the installer will not run. They can't uninstall programs because the uninstaller will not run. If I don't want them editing the registry I restrict regedit and they can't touch the registry.

    I believe that both and Home and Pro allow you to run two independent processors.
  7. Techno-Viking

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    hmmm its strange...my laptop is using 2 procs and i have xp home on it...
    tell me...could i connect to a network which already has 6-7 computers on it with my wireless connection ?
  8. Eddie_42

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    yes...however if all of them are running 'home' then your going to have issues with the file transfer. example: john needs your picture file cause he likes your backgrounds, you click the button to share, he looks for it, sometimes this wont work, it will give an error that computer cannot be found.

    However if just one 'pro' is on that network, all is well. It resolves all the IP problems.

    As far a using the network for a common internet port, then you wont have a problem, its the PC to PC stuff.
  9. Home is the same as XP minus many of the useful networking utilities, command line tools and administrator tools found in Pro. Home also lacks the same kind of user, group and file permissions found in pro. You are forced to use the simple file sharing. Also I think Home can only be networked to one other PC and not connected as part of a LAN.
  10. Techno-Viking

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    yea...mine is home , rest is PRO ...k,everything will be fine...
    one of the pc's is havin vista...was kinda hard to get it in function for file transfering...
  11. gbhall

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    I was under the impression home limits connected PC's to maximum of 5
  12. Stick'o ram

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    Really, hmm I've never had problems before. My friends and I all use XP home because its cheap and we've had multible lan parties and have moved files between the computers without any problems.
  13. mica3speedy

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    home allows 5 concurrent connections, pro allows 10 concurrent connections. Pro alllows you to remote desktop to it.
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