Different resolutions, different users w/ XP

By VoodooHellfire
Aug 25, 2002
  1. Okay all, I usually don't ask for a lot of help, ya know, not wanting to be flamed and all for being a news editor and not knowing my own system and all, but I've got an issue I can't seem to find a solution to. I know the solution is out there somewhere, though. Here's the deal.

    I've got two seperate users on my XP box. I like my resolution to be 1024x768 where as the other user would like 800x600. According to MS, this is not possible, because the resolution is a per machine registry entry, not a per user. I came across another 'help' site that says it's can't be done without a 3rd party app, yet this site failed to provide any link to any app. Oh well. If anyone out there has been able to do this in the past or knows what util may work to do this, please post here.

    Thanks all....
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