Difficulties after doing system recovery

By ponygirl301
May 11, 2005
  1. After removing 2004 Norton so that I could install the 2005 version, my hp decided to keep rebooting. Since I couldn't get to the desktop to do a system restore, I tried the system recovery (not the full one). After finally getting to the windows xp desktop screen, I found really weird things.

    1) My data files were saved but are in a hidden folder and are now read only.
    2) I was expecting to have to reinstall all applications that were not original but many of them are showing up in the all programs list. When I tried to open some of them it gave me an error saying "missing components".

    Is there any way I can do some kind of restore to get back to a point before the recovery? Or is there anything else someone can think of to save as much data as possible?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!!!!!
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    I'm not sure I understand you correctly. You can take a look at this this thread on how to repair 2000/XP.

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