Difficulty with Gmail

By hiker
Jul 30, 2006
  1. I think it started 2 to 3 weeks ago. Nothing changed with my computer's setup. I use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird email client to download from my Yahoo and Gmail inbox. It was so easy and I would routinely read my mails thru Thunderbird. But then I noticed that Thunderbird would time out trying to access Gmail. So, I decided to stop using Thunderbird, thinking it was a Thunderbird error or malfunction. I accessed Gmail directly using the browser.

    The strange thing is that I had no problem whatsoever with reading and using Yahoo mail, while I can't even read my mails in Gmail. Gmail would show that I have 11 mails, for example, and when I click on any of these inbox mails, the status line below would only show "Stopped" but I don't understand why. I don't have any firewall installed. Nothing changed actually with any of my computer's configuration. I mean, just suddenly Gmail went dysfunctional. I can't even read Send, Trash, Draft, or anything. Gmail just won't do as it is supposed to. It just stays there showing me how many mails I have but no more.

    What's wrong with Google or Gmail? Anybody encountering the same difficulties? I noticed that the Logo says, "Gmail Beta." Does this mean that Gmail is only in experimental stage with bugs unfixed? I have read in other forums that Gmail cost a lot of important emails to just disappear. Should I junk Gmail and stay with Yahoo mail? I knew I should have listened to my brother who said that I shouldn't use Gmail but I went on with it, because it used to be a lot easier and faster for me then. But not, Gmail won't even move when clicked.

    I don't have any problem logging in or out. Just can't read or send mails with it. I don't have any spyware or viruses. Have AVG, Ewido anti-spyware installed and my unit is clean, absolutely. I run Spybot too and Lavasoft Adaware.
  2. xpgeek

    xpgeek TS Rookie

    First thing I'd check, now that you've stopped using Thunderbird and using Gmail directly on web, have you gone to Gmail's settings, to 'Forwarding and POP', and disabled POP?
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