Difficulty with ISP

By Maurice
Nov 15, 2004
  1. I just booted up,. got on to OE alright, answered some e-mails, they were sent OK, closed OE, clicked the"E" for Explorer, the head banner came up, but that was all, the hour-glass stayed, & stayed, I went & did some chores, five minutes,....still the same, still one green bar on the progress indicator.
    Pressed the re-set, went through it again, still hung-fire, eventually I was able to go to the top R/H corner, & close the window.
    A notice said "this programme is not responding, return to programme or exit", I chose exit, because when I chose return, the situation was still the same, no movement.
    This sort of thing has happened before, a while back, & it righted itself, but if it doesn't?, what is going on do you think?, the usual comment is "don't use IE" but I don't want all the hassle of changing over, no matter how easy it is.

    Maurice :confused:
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